Suraj Govind

Engineering by profession, design as a pastime.

Who are you?

I'm an engineering graduate from Mysuru. I adore web tech and I have a keen eye for design. I love video games and I sometimes like to cook. Prefer smoothies over shots.

Currently responsible for everything web at Fello.

What's your story?

Back in high school, I enjoyed making front-page designs and collages for school projects. I also wanted to make video games.

Wouldn't be too complex, right?

It was difficult, but I made one! I learnt a lot about code and design. But game dev was too intimidating to me.

So I shifted gears to design and made a lot of posts for my college's Instagram. I also tried my hand at web dev when I found the incredible BT Holt's Intro to Web.

Along the same time, my college's e-cell wanted an online solution for their flagship event - Aspera's Corporate Wars. So I whipped up a realtime auction house. Turns out, I'm pretty good at web dev!

But I wanted to build more expansive, complicated apps. So I started my backend journey, with a todo-list and a cool (buggy) bookmarker.

College required us to build a fullstack project and to prepare for tech interviews. I wanted to show-off my front-end design chops with a dash of logics. So I built a sorting visualizer (very proud).

In May 2021, I desparately needed an internship (the fomo is very real).
So I made my resume and applied at a lot of places. After 200ish applications on Internshala, I finally landed at Fello.

Tasked to build the landing page, I steadily took on more responsibilities at back-end and grasped my way to Node.js. Now, I'm responsible for everything web, games, internal dashboards and a substanial number of microservices at Fello!

At Fello, we're a small team of close-knitted developers, and we're hiring! Join us, cause we're building India's coolest finance app.

I adore CRED's app and the slot machine feature is a cool implementation of animations and subtle nuances of mechanical movements. So I did try to recreate it with a hint of ka-ching ✨

How can I contact you?

E-mail me at